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Len Abe

Len Abe holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a master’s degree in Political Theory. From 2011 to 2012, he was Director Assistant of the Ruyang County World Bank Project Office, where, among other things, he supported local projects committed to the development of their communities in the China context.
From 2013 to 2014 Len was Executive Director of an NGO, which promotes the rights of migrant workers. Among other things he coordinated conferences for migrant workers to inform them of their rights. Furthermore, he participated in building up a network of migrant workers, which he supports until today.

Manfred Abele

… is head of the central purchasing department of the state capital Stuttgart. In 2005 he was already responsible for IT procurement as team leader. He has been Head of Central Purchasing since 2012. For years, the state capital Stuttgart has pursued the goal of taking greater account of eco-fair and social criteria in procurement. Within the framework of a project co-financed by funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development via Engagement Global with its Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW), the potentials for an expansion of eco-fair and social procurement are currently being analysed and tested in practice on the basis of selected product groups.

Siegfried Dewaldt

… has been an employee of Hewlett-Packard GmbH / HP Deutschland GmbH for over 35 years. First in procurement  – most recently Commodity Manager for memory chips. Since 2012 additional training as certified EICC Lead Auditor. Afterwards activity as HP/RBA (EICC) Auditor / Lead Auditor, responsible for the European area. After the HP split Sustainability Manager of HP Deutschland GmbH for the German-speaking countries and additionally (as required) as HP/RBA (EICC) Lead Auditor.

Henning Elbe

… is responsible for sustainability and green IT at Dataport. In hardware procurement, Henning Elbe is responsible for developing the ecological and social criteria. Dataport is the full service provider for public administration information technology in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen, Saxony-Anhalt, for the IT association of Schleswig-Holstein (ITVSH) and for the tax administration in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony. Dataport operates 90,000 IT workstations for its customers.

Sören Enholm

… is the CEO of TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified, the sustainability certification for IT products. IT buyers and manufacturers worldwide use TCO Certified to make more sustainable choices. TCO Certified includes a wide range of environmental and social responsibility criteria throughout the product life cycle, including manufacturing, use and end of life phases. Product models and their manufacturing facilities are third party verified for compliance. Sören has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years, at companies like Sun Microsystems, Apple and Netscape. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Uppsala University, Sweden, and is a passionate advocate for IT’s role in a more sustainable world.

Annelie Evermann

… is project manager at WEED – World Economy, Ecology & Development, co-organiser of this year’s conference. Annelie Evermann accompanies legislative projects at state and federal level, is invited as a speaker on sustainable public procurement and IT procurement at specialist events throughout Germany and conducts training courses and consulting for public procurement agencies.

Katja Gnittke

Katja Gnittke is a partner in WMRC Rechtsanwälte Wichert und Partner in Berlin and a specialist in public procurement law. Her clients include municipalities and public companies as well as federal states. She supports her clients in the preparation and execution of award procedures and represents them in review proceedings. Ms. Gnittke advises grant providers and recipients from various funding areas (including climate protection and development cooperation) on public procurement and budgetary requirements.  In publications and lectures Katja Gnittke regularly comments on public procurement law topics and socially responsible procurement.

Ralf Häußler

… works in the Protestant Church of Württemberg in Stuttgart in the field of international and development policy.  He leads the Centre for Development-related Education and is involved in awareness raising on human rights, fair trade, church procurement, global learning and partnership work. One focus is on issues of human rights and the protection of natural resources along the value chains of information and communication technologies as well as in the context of transport and energy transition.

Dr. Eric Heyden

Graduate engineer for environmental protection technology at the University of Stuttgart. After completing his studies, he first obtained his doctorate on the cost-optimized design of industrial waste heat recovery systems before taking responsibility for the state strategy Green IT 2020 at the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy in summer 2015. This aims at a sustainable reduction of the use of energy and resources in the IT of the state administration and includes a multitude of technical and organisational measures.

Marie Holdik

B.A. Study of Religion, M.A. Social and Cultural Anthropology, from 2015 to 2017 multiplicator in the project “FAIR macht Schule!”, which deals with (sustainable) public procurement, since January 2018 research associate at Werkstatt Ökonomie, author of the study “Public procurement of IT hardware in Baden-Württemberg. Status and potentials for the consideration of social criteria” (May 2018).

Dr. Claude Kabemba

Claude Kabemba is the Director of the Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW). Dr. Kabemba’s main areas of research and advocacy interest include the political economy of Sub Saharan Africa, with focus on democratization, natural resource governance, conflict resolution and foreign policy in Southern and Central Africa. SARW’s work focuses on mining development looking at business and human rights, revenue management, mineral linkages, Corporate Social Responsibility, and mining community mobilization. SARW operates in all SADC countries with a strong presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Dr. Kabemba is regularly approached by both local and international media for comments on political and social issues on the continent.

Uwe Kleinert

… is project manager at Werkstatt Ökonomie in Heidelberg. For more than 20 years he has been working on various projects in the field of “Business & Human Rights”, in particular on working conditions in the supply chains of German companies. Since 2013 he has been “One World Promoter” for sustainable public procurement and corporate responsibility. He is also a member of the board of Dachverband Entwicklungspolitik Baden-Württemberg (DEAB) and of the Council for Development Policy of the state government.

Dr. Lars Kühnel

Department Head “User Service” and Deputy Managing Director at the Computer Center of the University of Kiel. Representative of the ITSH-edu procurement and information exchange consortium of universities and research institutions in Schleswig-Holstein, IT procurement consultant for central procurement at the University of Kiel

Jens Lehner

… began his professional career in July 2000 in the purchasing department of the then Informatikzentrum Niedersachsen (IZN; a predecessor organisation of IT.Niedersachsen). During his time at the IZN, he studied law in parallel and entered higher administrative service after completing his legal traineeship. Since November 2013, Lehner has been head of central IT purchasing and the associated legal department at IT.Niedersachsen.

Max Mangold

Max Mangold is a consultant at Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on sustainability standards and public-private responsibility. There he works on social and environmental standards as well as on the involvement of public and private actors in the more sustainable design of global value chains. He is also in charge of GIZ’s web portal ‘Kompass Nachhaltigkeit’ (Sustainability Compass), which supports procurement managers in taking social and environmental aspects into account in public procurement.

Axel Müller

… is coordinator and consultant at FAKT GmbH, a non-profit consulting firm in development cooperation. In his function he deals with the topic of raw material governance, conducts partner consultations and trainings and prepares studies. For many years, Mr. Müller worked as a consultant for civil society organisations in Central Africa, where he dealt with the extraction of raw materials and their socio-economic and ecological consequences in the extraction areas, as well as with transparency initiatives on revenues from the raw materials sector and their use. In the Democratic Republic of Congo he deals with the topic of conflict minerals and small-scale artisanal mining in Eastern Congo.

Dr. Peter Pawlicki

… has been researching the globalisation of the electronics industry and its effects on working conditions and labour rights for almost twenty years. He has been involved in several international research projects on contract manufacturing and is co-author of the publication From Silicon Valley to Shenzhen: Global Production and Work in the IT Industry. He wrote his doctoral thesis on engineering work in global development networks in the chip industry. Before joining Electronics Watch, he coordinated projects financed by the European Social Fund at IG Metall (metalworkers’ union in Germany), among others.

Franziska Singer

… is a trainer, moderator and consultant in the field of sustainable public procurement. She first worked in the European Secretariat of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. Since becoming self-employed with Sustainability Training, she has worked for GIZ in Brazil, Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina, among others. Thematically, her focus – always with reference to public procurement – is on circular economy, effects along the production chain, quality marks and the strategic orientation of purchasing.

Andreas Thamm

… works at the Kiel University (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, CAU) as head of the procurement department. CAU is the consortium leader in the conclusion of framework agreements in the field of IT hardware for universities and research institutions in the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein. The institutions involved in the ITSH-edu procurement network see a special responsibility on the part of public-sector clients to adhere to sustainable and socially responsible criteria in procurement. This applies in particular to IT hardware.

Uta Umpfenbach

… is consultant for sustainable public procurement at the Dachverband Entwicklungspolitik Baden-Württemberg (DEAB), co-organizer of this year’s conference. Since 2008, she has been raising awareness and supporting actors, especially in local authorities and civil society, in the introduction of social standards in procurement. So far, the focus of her work has been on IT products, toys, natural stones and flowers/plants.

Ann-Kathrin Voge

Project Manager in the field of Fair Trade and Fair Procurement at the Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW) of Engagement Global. Her main areas of work are nationwide networking, consulting and training on the implementation of fair procurement in municipalities as well as the web platform Sustainability Compass, which supports public purchasing in the application of social and ecological award criteria, e.g. through quality labels.


Stephanie Hopp

… studied Conference Interpreting at the University of Mainz/Germersheim. She has been working as a freelance interpreter since 2010, covering all kinds of conference topics but especially focusing on health related areas. In 2016 she relocated to Berlin and lives and primarily works there now.

Marc Silvano Schulz

… is a Conference Interpreter for German, English and Italian as well as a sworn interpreter for the courts and notaries in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. | Website


Uta Rometsch

Advertising and documentation photographer


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