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Felix Elschner – EPSON GERMANY GmbH

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Felix Elschner has worked at Epson Germany in the Department of contracting for 4 years. He is a member of the Task Force on Social Sustainability of BITKOM as well as involved in the working group contracting, product-related environmental protection and guide development for product-neutral tendering. Felix Elschner is father of 6 children, 50 years old, an active Protestant, beekeeper and Rhinelander.

Our vision for the environment at a glance
Considering the present situation of our planet, Epson has developed the Environmental Vision 2050 as a guide for the environmental activities of the company over the next four decades.
Epson recognizes that the carrying capacity of the Earth is reaching its limits, and is convinced that everyone alike must take responsibility for reducing environmental impact. Epson aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% during the life cycle of all products and services by the year 2050.
As part of the ecosystem, Epson stands up permanently for the restoration and protection of biological diversity, together with the local people.
Epson has set itself the following four key objectives for the achievement of the environmental vision 2050:
1 Reduction of CO2 emissions by 90% during the entire product life cycle
2 Inclusion of all products in the resource reuse and recycling loop
3 direct CO2-emissions by 90% and eliminate emissions of greenhouse gases other than CO2
4 Restoration and preservation of biological diversity, together with the local people as part of the ecosystem

Our goals may be very ambitious, but society – Epson is belonging to – must achieve these goals if we want to survive today’s environmental problems. To achieve these goals, we will work with customers, suppliers, non-governmental organizations, research institutions, governments and generally all the ideas can help to achieve these goals.

If we combine technological development with a common awareness of commitment and cooperation – by our suppliers, customers and various other partners – we can make steady progress and achieve the goals of Environmental Vision 2050.

Why do you take part in the conference?

We take part in this conference – Because we want to support requests for greater responsibility in the procurement / production of IT products.



Fachbereich öffentliche Auftraggeber
Otto-Hahn-Straße 4
D-40670 Meerbusch
Phone: +49 21 59 / 538-1253
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Mobil: +49 175 / 584-1053
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Annelie Evermann – WEED e. V.


Annelie Evermann is a consultant for sustainable production and public procurement at WEED. She is a lawyer and linguist. Through various positions at Amnesty International, the German Bundestag, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and lecturer activities she came to WEED in mid-2012. Her activities range from consulting for public procurement managers on the preparation of studies and background materials to network, campaigns and public relations. Annelie Evermann is project manager of the project “Sustainable IT procurement in North Rhine-Westphalia” and the EU-funded projects LANDMARK and Electronics Watch. Electronics Watch is an independent monitoring organization, checking working conditions in the global electronics industry for procurement managers ( / de).

WEED e. V. – World Economy, Ecology and Development is established in 1990 and is an independent non-government organization. WEED deals with current issues of financial, economic and environmental policies and campaigns worldwide for social justice and environmental sustainability. An important focus of WEED e. V. lies with the production and working conditions in the electronics industry and compliance with social criteria in public procurement.

Why do you take part in the conference?

“I take part in the conference, because I consider the intense exchange of all stakeholders – companies, NGOs, politics and procurement managers – for a sustainable improvement of working conditions in the IT industry as indispensable -.”


Eldenaer Straße 60, 10247 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 – 280 418 11
Fax: + 49 (0)30 – 275 969 28

Diana Lantzen – Nager IT

Diana Lantzen is a graduated geographer. After her graduation she worked as a freelancer in the field of Knowledge-Management & IT, then three years as an external management consultant at Deutsche Telekom AG in the area of ​​products and innovations. Since early 2013 she is working as a freelance consultant in the field of information and communication technologies, sales and management. Since 2013 there is a collaboration with Susanne Jordan of Nager IT. Diana Lantzen is politically and socially involved as Board of Directors in Cologne.

Model of the project are other global product groups such as tea, coffee, cocoa and even clothing. In these areas it is now taken for granted, to find a fair alternative in the supermarket. Experience here shows that not the big companies have the comprehension to allow their producers good working conditions from their own free will. Rather, after years of inactivity of these big companies, small projects started a beginning and brought different products on the market that were manufactured under sustainable conditions in consideration of human rights and with a view to the environment. So they have launched a development. Now some very large companies have expanded their range by a “fair” product.
The same we now want to try in the electronics industry, with our Fair Mouse. For as long as there is no alternative to the “unfair” electronic devices, existing firms are unlikely to fundamentally change anything. Without sustainable alternative there is also no market risk for them. That is why we are working on this alternative. The seemingly unattainable goal of a computer mouse without any exploitation we approach step by step, according to the motto “On the fairest> Fairer> Fair”: The first mouse version that can be ordered by now, is the Fairest mouse around at the moment. But it is not completely fair, therefore, the next will become even fairer. And so followed by other versions until we have a 100% fairly traded mouse at the end.

Why do you take part in the conference?

The conference for socially responsible procurement in the IT industry provides a good platform for exchanging experiences and networks: Joint learning and working in workshops, interesting lectures and people coming together and exchanging ideas about their common technical issues.


NagerIT eV represented by Susanne Jordan (Board)
Am Bühel 4
83673 Bichl
The formal seat of the association is in Weilheim i.OB.

Sabine Poell – Competence Center for Sustainable Procurement


Sabine Poell is head of the competence center for sustainable procurement in the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (KNB). The team of five support contracting authority to buy most sustainable products or services. Means to do so include advice by email and telephone, a web platform with concrete assistance of legal bases to best-practice examples ( and in future also trainings.

“I attend at the conference, because IT procurement makes up a large part of the public purchasing,” explains Sabine Poell. “In the sector there are already some labels and standards for environmental sustainability, in particular for energy efficiency. In contrast social sustainability is still in its infancy. But even here are already good points, one of them is the stage plan to which the Procurement Office and the IT industry association BITKOM agreed last year and is based on the ILO core labor standards.

The KNB wants to push the plan even further this year and expand from hardware on the product areas of software and services.


Phone:                 +49 228 99610-2345
Beschaffungsamt des Bundesministeriums des Innern
Kompetenzstelle für nachhaltige Beschaffung
Brühler Straße 3
53119 Bonn

Niclas Rydell
Director, Certification at TCO Development

For six years Niclas Rydell has served as Director at TCO Development and managed TCO Certified, the international sustainability certification for IT products.. His professional career started with 8 years at Intertek where he was testing IT products for the TCO certification and helped to establish a laboratory in Taiwan. For several years Niclas has participated in international standardisation work in visual ergonomics and contributed to several published scientific articles in the field. Since 2009 and the introduction of social criteria in TCO Certified Niclas has been deeply involved in this area and has built an expert network within the industry in Asia, USA and EU to find viable solutions to drive the industry in a more sustainable direction. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

TCO Development is owned by TCO, the Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees, a federal trade union organisation for 17 trade unions with a total of 1,2 million members. The vision of TCO Development is to work towards sustainable IT and we do it by the sustainability certification for IT-products, TCO Certified and by other tools. TCO Development works internationally and was founded in 1998 with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and presence in North America and Asia.

Why do you take part in the conference?

We believe that TCO Certified represents one possible solution to the growing problem of social violations within the IT industry. Public procurers and purchasers are an important demand shaper for more sustainable procurement. They have significant influence and can potentially change a market.

A recent project

Since 2009 criteria for social responsibility in the manufacturing of IT-products has been an important part of the TCO Certified program. The first criteria were set at a basic level and served as an important step for initiating a dialogue with the IT-industry about social responsibility. In 2012 we raised the level of criteria and asked for compliance with ILO core labour standards, occupational health and safety in manufacturing and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. At first no brand could fulfil the criteria. Today 17 brands share their social audit reports with us. These aspects and issues will be addressed at the conference and we look forward to contributing to the discussion topics at the event.


TCO Development
Linnégatan 14
SE11494  Stockholm

Kevin Slaten – China Labour Watch

Kevin Slaten has been committed to research of and advocacy in Chinese civil society since 2008. He has a Master’s degree in Advanced Chinese Language from The Ohio State University, for which he carried out a year of field research in factory districts of Qingdao, China focusing on the subject of Chinese labor rights defense. Before that, Mr. Slaten was a Junior Fellow in the China Program of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (a think tank in Washington D.C.) and a Fulbright Grantee in Taiwan. He also has a Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University, where he majored in sociology and political science.

Mr. Slaten has been the program coordinator of China Labor Watch (CLW) since 2012. In this capacity, he has played the primary role in the writing of a number of well-known CLW investigative reports related the IT industry, including “Apple’s Unkept Promises: Investigation of Three Pegatron Group Factories Supplying to Apple” and “An Investigation of Eight Samsung Factories in China”. Mr. Slaten is also sometimes involved in the data collection of investigations, speaking to factory workers about rights violations. Mr. Slaten has spoken widely about Chinese labor rights violations in international media, including in the BBC, Washington Post, CNBC, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, and other news organizations.

CLW is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in New York City. Since labor activist and current executive director Li Qiang founded the organization in 2000, CLW has successfully administered programs aimed at promoting workers’ rights and the rule of law in China, conducting over 400 factory investigations, helping establish 15 Chinese labor NGOs, training hundreds of workers and Chinese labor activists, and implementing hotline programs in over 110 factories.


Kevin Slaten can be contacted at CLW’s headquarter office in NYC at 212-244-4049.



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