The Landmark Project

6th conference on
socially responsible procurement of
IT products

21 & 22 June 2018 | Stuttgart, Hospitalhof

Socially responsible supply chains

Exploiting working conditions and human rights violations are also widespread in the production of information and communication technology. At the same time, there are initial approaches to shaping the value chain in a socially responsible manner. These approaches can be effectively supported by the public authorities by ensuring that minimum social standards and human rights are observed in their procurement.

The conference is aimed at actors in public procurement, state and local politics, non-governmental organisations, churches and IT companies. It invites to an exchange of experiences and to a dialogue on how the public sector can contribute to improving working conditions in the global IT industry with its purchasing. Newcomers are just as welcome as participants already familiar with the topic.

The conference offers thematic lectures and practice-oriented workshops with expert speakers from Germany and abroad. There is also plenty of room for informal exchange.

This year, for the first time, the focus will be on raw material extraction. So far it was considered impossible for those responsible for procurement to take the social situation right at the beginning of the supply chain into account. However, the further development of corporate initiatives initiated by the US Dodd-Frank Act and the new EU regulation on conflict raw materials are gradually opening up better opportunities to include raw material extraction in public tenders.

The conference languages are German and English. Simultaneous interpretation is provided between the two languages.

Registration is closed. In case of any enquiries please contact conference team member Uwe Kleinert:


+ Dachverband Entwicklungspolitik Baden-Württemberg (DEAB)
+ WEED – World Economy, Ecology & Development
+ Werkstatt Ökonomie

In cooperation with

+ Zentrum für Entwicklungsbezogene Bildung (Center for Development Education, ZEB)
+ Hospitalhof Stuttgart, Protestant Education Centre

Cooperation partners and sponsors

+ Service Agency Communities in One World / Engagement Global with funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
+ State Ministry Baden-Württemberg
+ Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg

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