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Review of the first conference for socially responsible IT procurement on 13 June 2013 in Rostock

Since 2009 the federal legislation allows the public sector in the procurement of goods and services to take into account not only economic but also environmental and social criteria in their tenders. In some product sectors, there are meaningful seal or certificates, such as the fair trade label on food, sports balls and flowers or XertifiX when buying natural stones. Even the textile sector is on the move, so clothing companies increasingly accede the Fair Wear Foundation or have their products certified by the GOTS-standard. In a booming industry, however, the enforcement of workers’ rights and environmental standards can apparently take long to wait for: The IT industry with its extremely complex supply structures makes headlines with scandalous working conditions again and again. What is to be done to start a positive trend here? The key could be the public sector as major consumers. What contribution can procurers in ministries and departments to not only this country make, but also and especially to Asia, Africa and Latin America to improve production conditions? In the framework of the conference “Socially responsible procurement of IT hardware in Northern Germany”  the five North German development country networks want to answer this question. In addition to NGO representatives and purchasers of various federal and nationwide acting institutions employees of the Workers’ Assistance Center (Philippines) and Fair Phone (Netherlands) occur and exchange ideas about the possibilities of socially responsible public procurement in the electronics area.

The conference took place on 13 Juni 2013 10.30 – 16.30 clock at the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Faculty of the University of Rostock, Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 6, 18059 Rostock.

The program flyer is available here.

Presentations of the inputs:

Salve Valenciano, Workers Assistance Center, Rosario, Philippines: PDF here

Annelie Evermann, weed – World Economy, Ecology and Development, Berlin: PDF here

Niclas Rydell, TCO Development, Stockholm, Sweden: PDF here

Susanne Jordan, Nager-IT, Bichl: PDF hier/here

Miquel Ballester, Fairphone, Amsterdam, Netherlands: PDF here

Klaus-Peter Tiedtke, Bundesbeschaffungsamt, Bonn: PDF hier/here

Kirsten Wiese, Senatorin für Finanzen, LANDMARK-Projekt, Bremen: PDF in English here

Click here for the participants list.

You can find the results of the evaluation here (bilingual Version, see English on 2nd sheet).

The conference followed up on the technical discussion on socially responsible IT procurement of 29 In November 2012 in Norderstedt, whose documentation is available here.

Impressions of the conference:



Salve Valenciano                                          Niclas Rydell


Senator Holger Matthäus & Salve Valenciano

Susanne Jordan
Miquel Ballester                              Klaus-Peter Tiedtke

                                                                       Kirsten Wiese


                                                       Annelie Evermann
You can order pictures with higher resolution here:
Interesting about socially responsible procurement is the short movie review of social standards in public procurement by our project partner LANDMARK Project:

The conference is a collaboration of five North German one-world-country networks with the State Office for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Geology MV, the science collaborations Um-Welt and IuK at the University of Rostock and weed – World Economy, Ecology & Development eV and the LANDMARK project:

Funded by the North German Foundation for Environment and Development (NUE) from the proceeds of bingo – the environment Lottery and the European Union. The speakers are solely responsible for the content of this event. The content can be viewed in any way as the position of the European Union.


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