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Workshop session I (Friday, 10:45 am to 12:15 pm)

Workshop 1

Sustainability Compass: How does the web tool support socially responsible public procurement?

with Ann-Kathrin-Voge (SKEW) and Max Mangold (GIZ)
(with practical exercises; please bring a smartphone or laptop if possible)

Guiding questions:

• How can the online tool be used to compare labels?
• Examples of implementation, providers, text modules: How does the compass support the award procedure?

Workshop 2

Conflict minerals in IT products

with Axel Müller (FAKT), Siegfried Dewaldt (HP Germany) and Katja Gnittke (WMRC Rechtsanwälte)

Guiding questions:

• Taking the DRC as an example: What is happening on the ground to prevent conflict materials and human rights violations? What are the particularities of industrial and small-scale mining?
• What certification initiatives are there and what effect do they have?
• How can the topic of conflict materials be taken into account in calls for tenders?

Workshop 3

Fair Green IT – How does energy and resource-efficient IT also become socially responsible?

with Dr. Erik Heyden (Ministry of the Environment Baden-Württemberg) and Marie Holdik (Werkstatt Ökonomie)

Guiding questions:

• Where does Baden-Württemberg stand in the sustainable procurement of IT?
• What are the prospects for the systematic integration of social criteria into the Green IT strategy?
• Who can drive this forward and what framework conditions are needed?

Workshop session II (Friday, 13:00 – 14:30 pm)

Workshop 4

Practical workshop: ICT calls for tenders with social criteria in concrete terms

with Manfred Abele (Central purchasing department Stuttgart), Henning Elbe (Dataport), Jens Lehner (IT.Niedersachsen) and Katja Gnittke (WMRC Rechtsanwälte)

Guiding questions:

• How can workshop participants put the experience from existing practical examples into practice in their own tenders?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of implementation in different award phases?
• How do I integrate control options into my tender in a legally secure manner?

Workshop 5

Monitoring by Electronics Watch for the enforcement of social criteria

with Dr. Peter Pawlicki (Electronics Watch) and Dr. Lars Kühnel (Christian Albrecht University Kiel)

Guiding questions:

• How do contracting authorities work with the monitoring organisation Electronics Watch?
• What distinguishes Electronics Watch from certificates and social audits?
• How are controls and improvements carried out in the supply chain?

Workshop 6

Verification of social criteria with certificates: TCO Certified, EU Ecolabel, Blauer Engel

with Annelie Evermann (WEED)

Guiding questions:

• Which social certificates are currently available?
• What standards do they require and how do they verify this?
• How can they be integrated into tenders in a legally compliant manner?

You can download the workshop descriptions as here file here.

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