Conferences for socially responsible IT procurement

The 8th Conference for Socially Responsible Procurement of IT Hardware was organised by Bündnis Eine Welt Schleswig-Holstein e.V. in 2020. It took place digitally for the first time.

Originally, the conference was to take place in cooperation with the Europa-Universität Flensburg in June 2020. Guests from Germany, Europe and producing countries were to be invited to Flensburg. Due to the Corona pandemic, the conference was postponed to 3 & 4 September and planned and held as an online conference.

The nationwide conference on IT procurement & production was organised by Bündnis Eine Welt Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (BEI) in the federal state where several universities in a joint association became the first organisation in Germany to join Electronics Watch back in 2017. The cooperation with Electronics Watch is stipulated in the tender of the framework agreement for their bidders.

The 2020 conference took up the topics and discussions of the previous conferences, including the introduction of a new declaration of commitment by the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BeschA) and the industry association BITKOM in 2019, and supplemented these with the experiences made by procuring entities, in cooperation with external organisations and with evidence through due diligence plans, labels and social audits.

The core topic of the conference was how working conditions in IT hardware factories worldwide can be improved in practice and what contribution procurement agencies, non-governmental organisations such as Electronics Watch, companies and manufacturers make to strengthening labour rights.